Sunday, May 31, 2009

HC Seafood (Oxnard, CA) May 2009

HC Seafood
3920 W Channel Island Blvd.
Oxnard, CA 93032
(805) 382-8171

Ok, I have been to this place several times. I was supposed to eat lunch with a friend today but I was late leaving church...well, you know how church can be! Ha ha! I ordered the usual here which is the grilled salmon meal. It comes with two nice sized fillets of grilled, piping hot salmon spiced with pepper and other seasonings, french fries, cole slaw, garlic bread and a bowl of clam chowder. The meal costs $10.50 which is 55 cents more than it was 2 years ago. At the current price, it's still a great meal. I ordered some extra garlic bread for a total of $11.70 which is a steal in reality!

I really love the salmon here. You can get grilled halibut or shark if you'd like. They also have the traditional favorites such as fish and chips. The fish here is breaded in panko bread crumbs. I don't like the tartar sauce here. Use ketchup instead..they should really look into making their own sauce instead of the generic bottle trash you can get at any large warehouse store! Yep, I said it..the tartar sauce SUCKS! But..the fish is delicious! I'm just used to original homemade tartar sauce!

The clam chowder leaves much to be desired...a bit watery but edible!

I've been eating here for years and plan to eat here for more years! This restaurant has outdoor seating so don't wear your best sure to slap the fool who is feeding the birds while you are there!

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