Sunday, March 8, 2009

Du-pars Restaurant (Oxnard, CA)

Du-pars Restaurant
2420 E Vineyard Ave
Oxnard, CA

Ok, I was hungry yesterday around 4:00 PM I ate breakfast and after a long day of working and shopping, this girl needed some nourishment! I didn't really have any idea of where to go so I just hopped in my shopping cart (what some call the size of my car!) and went riding. I remembered that Baker's Square was now a Du-pars so I decided to try them out. I am glad I did this. I walked in and saw a familiar was Ron from the old Uncle Herb's restaurant in Oxnard.

Anyway, I was seated and I noticed that they have a Beat the Clock menu between 4PM and 6PM. The menu consisted of fish and chips, tri tip, macaroni and cheese and a chicken dish which is escaping me at this moment! Whatever time you arrive is what you pay. My waittress was Billie and she was a hoot. She reminded me of Alice....without the grit and attitude. They wear those old fashioned white uniform dresses and aprons. Anyway, I decided to go the cheap route and ordered one of the Beat the Clock specials. I ordered the fish and chips which is served with cole slaw and french fries. Since this is Lent season, I suspect a lot of people will order this next Friday. Even I might go up there for that again. I ordered at 4:35 PM so I paid $4.35!!! The Beat the Clock menu requires you to order a drink. I opted for a Coke. The meal comes with either a salad or soup. The soup choices were chicken noodle, split pea and a ham soup. I went for the salad. I need the greens! The salad was a fresh salad with mixed greens not the usual iceberg mix most places serve. There was shredded cheese, beets, tomatoes, red cabbage and croutons in there. Ample size salad and I was satisfied with it. The fish and chips arrived piping hot. I had two pieces of fish, practically half a plate of fries (yes, I ate them all), orange wedge and a fresh roll. For the price, it's a great deal. The fish was hot and the batter was crispy the way I like it! Their tartar sauce is homemade....I might have to go buy some for the fish I make at home!!

I finished my meal and the total was about $7 or so. I opted to get a slice of their freshly made pies...pecan pie...I'm a southern girl..not from southern Cali!!!!! I ate this at home and let me tell you it was enough for two but of course...I didn't share. What kind of woman do you think I am????

I know it's a bit early in the month but I might have to label this as restaurant of the month because of the specials. I will go again and try their meatloaf. This place specializes in food that takes you back to sitting in the kitchen with grandma when she was prepping the meatloaf and getting ready to make pork chops???....!!! Maybe it was only my grandma!!