Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daphne's Greek Cafe (Camarillo, CA) June 2009

Daphne's Greek Cafe
2390 Las Posas Rd.
Camarillo, California 93010

I generally do not comment on chain restaurants but this is one I have never been to before. Well, on Saturday I was in Camarillo visiting some folks and I was driving on Las Posas. I was going to grab some "real" fast food but I saw Daphne's Greek Cafe and decided to eat there. I walk in and immediately I am's always like this at new restaurants for me. I ended up ordering something on a picture. I know, pretty lame but that's what I did. I ordered the gyro and shrimp combination plate. This plate was served with freshly sliced gyro meat, 6 crispy shrimp, greek salad and rice. The price of the combo was $8.79 plus tax and it was also served with 4 pita wedges.

Ok, ths skinny...the food was delicious. I admit it. I was really hungry and I devoured the tasty meat on the pita bread with the sauce that comes with it. HOWEVER, when I finished, I was still hungry.....ok, this might have just been one of those freak days where nothing would have filled me up. I will go back here again but next time, I will order the gyro sandwich. The rice here is very flavorful and the greek salad is good also.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jetty Restaurant (Lompoc, CA) June 2009

Jetty Restaurant
(805) 735-2400
304 West Ocean Avenue
Lompoc, CA 93436

Apparently this place is a local seafood favorite. I've been here before and as usual, I never behave...always over do it here! I ate dinner here on Wednesday night. They have these specials between 4PM and 6PM. Choices include steaks, grilled halibut and other items. I ordered the grilled halibut and did an add on of clam strips. Clam strips are always chewy but I love them! The early bird special comes with soup or salad. I opted for the clam chowder. In my opinion, this place has some of the best clam chowder ever and it even beats some of my favorite seafood restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area...yes I said it..hands down, the Jetty's clam chowder is loaded with tender clams. It really loaded..every spoonful has clams not like other watered down chowders at a certain unnamed location in Malibu near the Ventura County know already.

My chowder was delivered and the waittress tells me it also comes with shrimp cocktail! Yes, I'm in shellfish heaven! I quickly eat my thick and rich chowder and polish off my shrimp cocktail. My grilled halibut arrives accompanied with an ample sized baked potato and the add on clam strips. The halibut was thick and lightly dusted with seasoning and a pat of butter. There was also savory tartar sauce which I really like here.

This place has all you can eat fish and chips on Tuesdays if you so desire. I will be back again to try the crab legs and other seafood.

Price was reasonable. Everything was $18.48 which is a steal compared to other seafood restaurants. Will be going back!

La Botte Italian Restaurant (Lompoc, CA) June 2009

La Botte Italian Restaurant
812 North H Street
Lompoc, California 93436

Well, today is another glorious day and I am just now arriving back home from a business trip. On the way home, I stopped by La Botte in Lompoc for dinner. I had been passing by this place all week and finally decided..ok, let me check the place out. Well, I get there and didn't see many cars. I failed to realize the parking is in the dad used to say if a lot of cars are in front of a restaurant that was a good sign however he didn't say anything about cars in the back?? I digress! I park the shopping cart (you already know if you know me personally) and get out. I enter this huge wooden door to be greeted by a woman known as Mama Caterina. Mama Caterina is the owner of the restaurant and there is a sign stating that she makes all of the desserts herself. I'd glad to see she is plus size diva....a sure sign the food must be good. There were three tables that were occupied but as a few minutes passed, droves of people start entering the facility.

My waitress came over and brought me some water and the menus. I quickly browsed the menu. I must admit, I'm not a huge Italian food fan but this place was worth the visit. I ended up ordering the farfalle con salmone. This is one of my favorite pasta dishes and everywhere I have been it has been served quite different. This restaurant has loads of savory smoked salmon and peas! I love green peas so this was just a great mixer for me. The pasta was al dente and the sauce smooth and flavorful. I am used to this dish served rather spicy. I have a similar rendition that I make except I use Russia's favorite vodka and shrimp for that surprise taste!

I had the side salad which is pretty common everywhere with mixed greens, slivers of carrots and ranch dressing on the side. The house bread here...oh my goodness, I ate the entire serving. I was so I wasn't! It was warm and crispy. I wanted some to go but hey, I had enough for me and probably two other people.

It's still early in the month and I'm thinking this might be restaurant of the month. I like the fact that Mama Caterina is actually WORKING in the restaurant going table to table. There was another older woman there working and I wonder if she was Mama Caterina's mother or aunt. Never ask a woman's age...just don't!

I will be back to dine here when I am back in the area.