Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daphne's Greek Cafe (Camarillo, CA) June 2009

Daphne's Greek Cafe
2390 Las Posas Rd.
Camarillo, California 93010

I generally do not comment on chain restaurants but this is one I have never been to before. Well, on Saturday I was in Camarillo visiting some folks and I was driving on Las Posas. I was going to grab some "real" fast food but I saw Daphne's Greek Cafe and decided to eat there. I walk in and immediately I am's always like this at new restaurants for me. I ended up ordering something on a picture. I know, pretty lame but that's what I did. I ordered the gyro and shrimp combination plate. This plate was served with freshly sliced gyro meat, 6 crispy shrimp, greek salad and rice. The price of the combo was $8.79 plus tax and it was also served with 4 pita wedges.

Ok, ths skinny...the food was delicious. I admit it. I was really hungry and I devoured the tasty meat on the pita bread with the sauce that comes with it. HOWEVER, when I finished, I was still hungry.....ok, this might have just been one of those freak days where nothing would have filled me up. I will go back here again but next time, I will order the gyro sandwich. The rice here is very flavorful and the greek salad is good also.

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