Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trevor's Blue Toucan Caribbean (Cape Canaveral, FL) July 2009

Trevor Blue Toucan Caribbean Restaurant
8501 Astronaut Blvd.
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

 usual, I am running around trying to figure out where am I going to have dinner this evening. I remembered passing by a Caribbean restaurant yesterday. As luck would have it, some how my rental turned into the parking lot and ended up in front of this restaurant. I get out of the car and enter the facillity to be immediately greeted by Tudor and a lady I imagine is his wife. Tudor escorts me to my table, hands me a menu and he tells me about some of the items they have to offer. I peruse the menu and saw the familiar jerk know...Jerk Chicken!!!! I am a lover of seafood and I was torn between a seafood dish and jerk chicken. I asked Tudor what should I do and he recommends the jerk chicken which I gladly obliged. The chicken comes with soup or salad plus two side dishes. I opted for the salad and for my sides I selected cabbage plus rice and beans.

The salad arrived loaded with crisp greens, fresh tomatoes, sliced onions and yellow bellpeppers. A caddy of dressings was also available for my enjoyment. I quickly ate my salad in high anticipation of my chicken.........

A few moments later Tudor comes around the corner with a plate of luscious smelling chicken, rice and beans and cabbage. I took a quick bite and pulled out my camera to take a pic...well, my flash alerted Tudor!!!! Haha!! I'm no food critic..just a lover of food I explain. I continue to eat. I was trying to be proper and use my fork but at some point in the meal, I just had to put the fork down and pick it up with my hands!! That's the way chicken is done! The chicken was served with three side sauces of mango salsa, jerk sauce and a special sauce called "fireball". I am always leery of any sauce with the name fire in it. The fireball was quite savory...just don't use a lot..perhaps a few drops will do the trip. The cabbage here is quite delicious...I almost asked for a side to go but hey, I can't always be greedy now can I?????

I kept on eating and the chef Trevor comes over. He's from Montego Bay and everybody knows I love Jamaica! I think I am really from there but no one will admit Trevor explains to me that he makes all of the food there including the sauces. This is a rarity in restaurants these days since everything out there is processed..not can't get this kind of chicken in a freezer way my friend.

I finished up my dinner and Tudor asked about dessert. I really didn't need it but hey, I haven't met a cake I didn't like. I walked over to the dessert case and picked out coconut cake. They also have other desserts such as mango cheesecake, Caribbean marble cake, carrot cake and other desserts.

I know this is a bit early as this is the first of the month but I might have to name this know...Restaurant of the Month. Service was great and the chef was very pleasant. Do make it your business not to pass up this gem the next time you are in the Cape area.

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Clare said...

Thanks for this review. I am new to FL and this area so next time my friend comes from NJ we are going to check this place out.. Thanks girl!